Matic Mainnet - Monthly Update #1

Hey Everyone!

Today onwards we are starting with a monthly update about the Matic Mainnet. We may run these updates on a bi-weekly basis depending on the number of updates we have to share with you.

Phase 3

The Matic Mainnet has been running actively since May 31st, 2020. We had a staggered launch to the Mainnet, where Phase 1, 2 & 3 were the different phases that were going to be part of the Mainnet launch.

Phase 1 was where we launched the Mainnet with the Foundation nodes and a few Dapp Partners. We also enabled Delegation on the Foundation nodes

Phase 2 was where we onboarded 30+ professional validators. Validators that have been running nodes on multiple networks are also now running nodes on Matic Mainnet.

Phase 3: We are currently in Phase 3 of the Mainnet Launch. This is the last phase of the Mainnet launch. This is where we have opened the network to the community. So anyone and everyone that is interested in running a node can go ahead and do so.

We are looking forward to reaching our goal of 100 Validators for the Mainnet. We are currently on 57 and more validators are looking forward to Setup Nodes on the Matic Mainnet.

If you’re interested in running a node please read the validator guide here:


As you all know, delegation is currently only enabled to the foundation nodes. The delegation to all external nodes is currently disabled. The primary reason for that is to ensure that there is no centralization of tokens to the early onboarded validators.

We are nearing the timeline of opening delegation to all external nodes. There will be an announcement to ensure that everyone is updated and notified about it (Validators and Delegators)

To Delegators, whenever the foundation nodes are turned off, there will be a swift mechanism within the Staking UI to transfer your Stake to another External Node. There will be a blog post out for this soon.

Updates and Upgrades

We are currently building a Grafana based Monitoring and Alerting system for Validators. This would help all the validators keep a track of their Nodes and have regular health-checks of their nodes. On top of that, we are also building an alerting system that would notify validators of critical components of their Validator nodes.

This will be rolled out to all the validators by the end of November.

Open Grants

Grant for building Telemetry: Grant proposal for building Telemetry Metrics Dashboard for Matic Mainnet

Grant for building Wallets: Proposal for Wallets Support Matic Network

Matic Team