MATIC mainnet bor updated to the v0.3.0,

Hey Polygon community,

GetBlock updated MATIC mainnet bor to the v0.3.0, check it out

With perennial congestion of the Ethereum (ETH) network, Polygon evolves into a new holy grail for developers. Its decentralization is secured by the DPoS network of validators, so it is not criticized as aggressively as Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

That said, the developers community of Polygon has been growing at an impressive pace in recent weeks. As Ethereum (ETH) is fully compatible with Polygon, every Ethereum (ETH) dev is also a Polygon (MATIC) dev: plenty of dApps can migrate to Polygon seamlessly.

GetBlock provides instant access to shared & dedicated MATIC nodes which could be integrated into DeFi, NFT marketplace or Play-to-Earn game in a matter of hours. Get API key and start building on Polygon Nodes via GetBlock.

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