Matic from Polygon to Ethereum Wallet is Stuck At "Completed"

Hi there,

Almost 8 days ago, I used the Polygon Web Wallet v2 to transfer 2400 Matic from the Polygon network to my wallet on the Ethereum network.

My initial transaction on the Polygon network (polygonscan link below) was confirmed 7 days, 15 hours ago.

I patiently waited the 7 day transfer period, and then approved & paid for the Ethereum transaction (etherscan link below). This transaction was approved over 13 hours ago.

Two issues:

  1. My 2400 Matic from the Polygon side has been reduced to 2280 Matic on the Ethereum side. Why did 120 Matic disappear?

  2. The Polygon Web Wallet v2 shows “Completed” , but the transaction is also still showing as “Pending” on the Transaction screen. I am still seeing the following message:

" Transfer completed successfully.

Your withdrawal process has been completed. but the fund transfer is still in queue. you will soon receive your tokens in account. Please wait for some time. In case of any issue, please reach out to support

View on Etherscan

I did some research online and the longest delay I could find was 12 hours. I waited an extra hour, but now it’s been 13 hours and the Matic is still not showing in my Ethereum wallet.

Can anyone assist? I have submitted a support ticket on Polygon Support website, but they seem to be very busy so I figured I’d post here as well.

Here are the confirmed transactions referenced above:

Any and all help is appreciated!

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LerryJames is a scammer! Beware!!

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Yeah, his link takes you from to a copycat version And of course that site asks you to connect your wallet. I have reported him and his website. Silver lining - maybe his reply will get some traction on my post :slight_smile:


Yeah, but it seems the dev support is never active on this forum. So scammers keep coming.

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Took over 24 hours, but the MATIC arrived.