Marketing & Incubation Firm Intro: Lunar Digital Assets


Hello, Polygon Village fam. I’m excited to be here and meet all the village buildooors.

Today, I’d like to introduce you guys to LDA.

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For those unaware, Lunar Digital Assets was the first full-stack marketing and incubation firm to ever work with Polygon. Our team helped launch the Polygon PoS chain. We were pushing content and building Polygon’s socials before most of the industry knew about Polygon. Furthermore, we also incubated QuickSwap (the largest DEX on Polygon) and Dogechain (the most successful Supernet).

Why we joined Polygon Village:

We believe in a further decentralized Polygon future. Moreover, members from our firm are here to help as village mentors by supporting special village projects with our years of expertise. We want to give back to the ecosystem and point projects in the right direction. (Please make sure whoever you’re speaking to has the appropriate village Discord role.)

Additionally, Lunar Digitial Assets is very selective about who we work with, but if your project checks all the boxes, we will be accepting Polygon Village projects as clients.

Ready to work with an industry-leading marketing and incubation firm?

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Let’s build a better tomorrow and paint it purple.

Have a great day, everyone!