Lost Funds Metamask Binance to Portis Wallet


I have connected by Binance wallet to Metamask and swap my BNB to MATIC which shows successful and sent them to my Portis Wallet. Transaction shows completed:

Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan

But the MATIC tokens did not show on my Portis Wallet. Portis support asked me to import my Portis wallet to Metamask which I did but the MATIC tokens are still not there.

Is it still possible to retrieve those funds? Please help!

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I was advise by Portis Wallet Support to try add the Matic as a custom network in MetaMask but I don’t know the details of the Matic network.

Is it still possible to retrieve the Matic that I sent to my Portis Wallet?

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