Lost DAI asset- How to get it back

Hello Matic Dev team,
I sent 3k DAI from matic wallet directly to nexo.io wallet its been 24 hrs it did not show up… i checked with Nexo.io team they cant help as its ERC20 Pegged asset.
I went to check Polygonscan and reviewed my tx and i was able to revoke… but is see 3k Dai still in Nexo.io Dai address is token holder… how can get back my 3K Dai…any help/support is appreciated.

kindly advise,

Hi Shubhangi,

Thank you for your response, appreciate it, Here what i did, AS it says i can challenge with 7 days, I went and used the Revoke option to the transaction/contract, It was successful here is the screen shot,
I also sent you note to Nexo.IO support team to see if they can help.

Is there any way from backend that you can revert back the revoked contract back to my matic wallet .network. pls? what other option i have its lot of money 3K USD here…

Kindly advise and help…

Is it possible to reverse smart contract. I had same problem. Sent 50k Dai from Matic network to Kraken yesterday but never received it. According to Kraken, they don’t support Matic Chain. How can a transaction show successful when the other end don’t support the Matic network. Please help us to recover the fund!