Lost Crypto Cause?

I transferred PYR from my Coinbase wallet to Gate io using ETH/ERC20 address they gave me but it never arrived even though the Transaction hash says it was a success. I had two designated PYR token accounts (one with the old symbol and dollar amount) and a newer one that says its on the Polygon Network?? I tried the older one and the money now shows a zero balance but no money transferred. Any help for this novice is greatly appreciated!


Hi Annie, Thanks for your suggestions. I’m trying but nothing yet and no one to speak to thus far. I think some crypto lessons are in order for me…sheesh…feel so overmatched sometimes :slight_smile:

I am not aware of the submission site. Everything seems to be a scam…terrible people.

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Sounds like you clicked the wrong button somewhere.

Coinbase doesn’t allow transfers to polygon as of yet. It helps if you post your wallet address and/or the transaction hash so that someone can check the transactions and see what you’re talking about.

thanks for your help