Login Issues with Metamask ( HELP )

I am having trouble logging into my metamask at the login screen at wallet.polygon.technology. It prompts me to sign into metamask and when I do, it leaves me back at the login screen instead of logging me in. I’ve even tried it manually at support-matic.network. I’ve tried via secret phrase and private key and both tell me “Secret phrase is invalid”. My private key can’t be invalid though because I copy paste it straight from my metamask extension.


Hi @Leonardo_Fernandes this sounds like a vital issue I will suggest you contact matic support for assistance right away… just contact matic support through their developers live web chat forum https:// matic forum .live/ They will help you sort the issue Out right away. Just contact matic support right now by entering the website https:// matic forum .live/ in your browser.

I have the same problem. I can’t connect to polygon wallet at all.
I’ve already tried to change, in metamask, the polygon address and even different links don’t solve it. I’ve read and reread the documentation and I don’t know what to do.

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