LM2.0 Campaign - Details

We are proud to announce that we have launched our $15 million campaign – the final phase of DeFi For All. This MATIC rewards will be spread out over the next 6 months and will spearhead the development of dApps on the Polygon PoS Chain. One of our biggest launches under our campaign is Liquidity Mining 2.0 – the next step for the DeFi ecosystem.

Additional Information on LM 2.0 Campaign

A brief recap of LM 2.0 – dApps can qualify for certain rewards based on a metric of their choosing, which improves liquidity and LP rewards for the protocol overall. But, as we are nearing the launch of LM 2.0, here are some more instructions for dApps interested :

  • Protocols can either chose total value locked (”TVL”) or weekly active users (”WAU”) as a metric to qualify for LM 2.0, but this would remain fixed through the foreseeable future
  • Although the metric is set to be fixed, a dApp can make a change in their qualification metric on special occasions; this request can be made from the next epoch of snapshots
  • Bridges can only qualify based on their WAU
  • The snapshots for TVL and WAU have already begun and they will be based on a time weighted average basis
  • If a new protocol lists on Defillama, its TVL will be considered 0 for all the days until listing; thus preventing mercenary capital collecting a majority of the airdrops; this protects the existing dAPPs from getting their share diluted
  • Further, protocols setup for the sole purpose of accumulating LM tokens to get MATIC rewards would not be eligible for the campaign as this would not be in the best interest of the original builders and community.
  • Total Value Locked Tiers:
    • Tier 1: TVL ≥ $100M gets you ~$1M linearly spread across 6 months
    • Tier 2: TVL < $100M but > $50M gets you ~$500k linearly spread across 6 months
    • Tier 3: TVL < $50M but > $15M gets you ~$250k linearly spread across 6 months
    • Tier 4: TVL < $15M but > $5M gets you ~$100k linearly spread across 6 months
  • Weekly Active Users Tiers:
    • :1st_place_medal: Tier 1 [More than 5k WAU]
    • :2nd_place_medal: Tier 2 [3-5k WAU]
    • :3rd_place_medal: Tier 3 [2-3k WAU]
    • :four: Tier 4 [1-2k WAU]

FORM FOR dAPPs to fill: COMPULSORY to Qualify for LM 2.0:


GREAT initiative. It will incentivize and award projects which are creating value for Polygon on a recurring and long-lasting manner. No opportunistic behavior and unfairness will be priced here.

I assume that the WAU refers only to users of the dApp on Polygon. In case of multi-chain protocols only WAU on Polygon will be considered.


Simply amazing. Let’s get it started. Definitely, DeFiForAll.


Most of the Alt L1s are pumping primarily due to incentives and when they dry up, they dump and move, which is a parasitic farming.

This mode of Weekly Active User incentivisation (WAU) rewards true community to a great extent. Additionally coupling those with our in Prod Decentralised ID can be integrated by projects to filter true community.


Hey I’m not sure I understood this correctly. If I have a protocol with a high enough TVL (legit protocol) I can apply to receive LM tokens which I then can stake to receive MATIC rewareds? What if the TVL on Polygon is not listed on Defillama but there are other ways to obtain it?

Also, on the original announcement I saw there were also incentives for Uniswap V3 liquidity mining? Any place I could find more information about this or someone to ask to if we want to begin an incentivized liquidity mining program?

I know that what I’m saying may sound sketchy, but I assure this is a legit project already deployed on many chains and I’m looking for ways to keep growing.
Thanks and I hope someone sees this!

I like that this program takes into account vampire attacks! Bravo!