Littlebits World

Littlebits World is a blockchain-based game where players can explore, collect, craft, and evolve, constructing the world they live in with engaging gameplay. In this digital landscape, each Littlebit is a character that players can control to acquire resources and take part in a variety of thrilling activities. We have been building the project for the past 14 months, working hard to deliver some innovative and unique.

We are building an on-chain game, with different dApps built inside our world with gamification systems using our Littlebits NFT as characters.

The Team

Our core team met each other a long time ago. Only in 2021, GORE reached out to gifMaker and Cal to build the Littlebits World after noticing the lack of well-designed and engaging idle games in web3.

GORE is a visionary leader and an integral part of the project, masterfully uniting the team through their contagious enthusiasm and knowledge. He is always eager to learn and remain ahead of the curve, driving the project forward by motivating and inspiring everyone to bring out their best performance.

GifMaker brings technical knowledge. He turns ideas into reality with solutions in lines of code, using his background as an engineer and the ability to solve and demystify any problem.

Our artist and last member of the core team, Cal, is a pixelmaximalist former lawyer who turned his hobby into a full-time job, being noticed by websites like Hotaku in the past.


Phase 1: Development of New Systems + Polygon Expansion (Q1)

We will continue the development of the gathering, crafting, and housing systems. And start building our community/partnerships on the Polygon ecosystem.

Phase 2: Open Beta Launch(Polygon) & Housewarming Patch Release (Q2)

Once we finish the new systems (gathering, crafting, housing), we will launch the open beta of the Littlebits World on Polygon - this will allow players to test the game and provide valuable feedback to improve the systems. During this, we’ll start working in the Wildlife Patch and solving bugs found during the beta.

Phase 3: Dashboard 2.0 + Wildlife Patch (Q3)

Integrate all our on-chain data of each Littlebits to release a much better and more concise website, where players will visualize each other progresses (skills, trophies, badges, Littlemons, and items). And the release of the Wildlife Patch will add more active gameplay for our players.

Phase 4: Release Time (Q4)

Use all the feedback gathered during the open beta to polish the game as much as possible as we start marketing campaigns before the official game release.

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