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Linea - Social Marketplace for Visual Art

Discover. Connect. Collect.

/ Problem

What? It’s a struggle to find new artists, authentically connect with them and then directly purchase their work.

Why? The online art market is inefficient and disjointed, with social networks previously addressing discoverability and legacy marketplaces being outdated, opaque and missing authentic connection.

Why Now? The previously lagging $70 billion art market is rapidly digitising.

/ Solution

Linea is a social marketplace for contemporary visual art, blending effective social networking with the reputability of a premium gallery. Designed to enable the discovery, collecting and sharing of digital and physical contemporary artwork that is purchasable and resellable. You can use Linea to create portfolios of artwork you find, own or want to sell, connect and strengthen your artistic network, get inspired, and form collaborative communities.

/ Team

Alexander Savvas, is the Founder & CEO of Linea. Leveraging his diverse background in investment, trading, creative direction and art production, he drives innovation at the intersection of art and technology. Pedro Pinho serves as CTO of Linea, with a 13-year technology career marked by leadership positions. Melody Potgieter, is a seasoned Product Marketing expert with 7+ years of experience in EdTech. Vitalii Yatskiv is a hands-on technical advisor to Linea, formerly Web3 Expertise Lead at SoftServe.

/ Mission

Empower artists to forge sustainable careers on their terms. Provide art lovers with an immersive all-in-one platform, for enriched discovery, connection, and collection of original contemporary art.

/ Competitive Advantage

All-in-one solution for artists, collectors and art lovers. Our community-curated social marketplace will provide enhanced discovery for collectors, and amplify the reach of artists.

  • Authentic connections
  • Democratic peer-reviewed artist applications
  • Buying and reselling physical artwork in primary and secondary markets
  • Insured end-to-end shipping
  • Immutable provenance
  • Transparent pricing
  • Rich artist profiling
  • Digital and physical authenticity certification
  • Condition reports
  • Direct messaging
  • Collaborative user-curated digital art galleries
  • Participation incentives give user-ownership
  • No advertising

More than just a marketplace. A cultural centre for art online.

/ Current Status and Traction

  • Primary and secondary market research conducted
  • Social and marketing launched
  • Prototype launched
  • Onboarded strong founding artist community
  • Successful marketing test campaigns
  • Early partnerships established

/ Seeking

We are seeking a grant of €60,000

Use of funds:
77% - Development
13% - Personnel
8% - Marketing
2% - OpEx

/ Connect


// Art Is Our Capital

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