Light client support

I’m interested in understanding how to build a lite client that can help us validate the state
of polygon’s chain(s)/rollup on another chain in a way that’s fast and efficient. This is the current approach to be able to build trust-less bridges between chains. We’ve been doing this so far at Composable Finance with NEAR, Cosmos and Polkadot.

We’re certainly looking at integrating different L1s L2s/rollups into our ecosystem, and Polygon is certainly a great candidate. However, I don’t see any reference/docs on this topic. I’d appreciate if someone can give me a pointer, or explain what’s the current state of affairs with regards to this topic.


Hey @sitoula .

I would suggest to kindly raise a ticket with our support team:

@Derbygold.eth thanks for your answer. Is that the proper channel? This is a rather technical/ R&D question I have. I thought maybe there was an open channel to discuss these type of topics.


Hey @sitoula ,

That’s absolutely fantastic, which is what this forum is for.

I thought you were in need of a quick response from our internal team. I didn’t know since I’m not a coder.

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