Kollekt - Onboarding the next 100 million users to Polygon

Introducing Kollekt:

Kollekt is the premier platform for brands looking to connect with their fans through digital collectibles (NFTs).

The platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools that enable brands to easily create, sell, and manage their own digital collectibles, granting access to token gated features such as: exclusive offers, content, community chats and experiences that are unavailable elsewhere all under one application.

Kollekt’s wallet-purchase solution combines Web3Auth with Stripe payments, creating the perfect solution for onboarding end-users to web3 & Polygon easier than ever.

Creating your Polygon wallet in a matter of seconds followed by the one-click checkout process results in the easiest onboarding experience to this date.

Kollekt doesn’t take an upfront fee but rather a cut from the minting, allowing creators of all sizes regardless of their industry to create and distribute their own digital collectibles, allowing any brand the priviledge of having a community.

We’re already working with some global major recording labels to bring their artist’s and audiences onboard to Polygon. :purple_heart:

Presentation of the Core-Founders:

Product Development:

MVP out and working, first clients and partnerships on lock.
Pre-Seed fund raise of 700,000€ to further develop the platform.
Kollekt’s support team assists projects in planning and creates each creator page manually in less than 2 hours.

The secondary market, peer-to-peer trading feature will be launched in Q3 and users will be able to receive offers and sell their collectibles.
Kollekt Mobile Application for IOS & Android.
Add new Token-gated features for creators.
Expansion to US & Europe.

Creators will be able to manage the majority of their project with automated processes and the need for project planning assistance decreases significantly.
CSM ‘‘Lite Admin Panel’’ overview for creators.
Expansion to Asia & Middle-East.

Shopify for digital collectibles.
Each Creator will be able to manage their creator page and token-gated content through the admin panel.

Try out Kollekt for yourself!