Ko - Making Blockchain Easy!

Hi all :wave:

After more than 3 years of development, I am thrilled to introduce ko - a web3 super application simplifying blockchains in order to onboard the next billion users!

:label: Project name: ko

:iphone: Main use case: ko is a web3 super-application, where users have access to a social network and functionalities to simplify access to the blockchain.

:raised_hands: What do we want to solve thanks to this project: blockchain is complicated. Ko makes it simple! Onboarding in crypto has never been easier with complete wallet abstraction, including wallet creation and fees handling. Users of the app do not need any specific knowledge to interact with smart contracts, send money internationally or earn their living thanks to crypto!

:man_supervillain: Presentation of the team: we are now 6 full-time working for the development of ko. Here is an introduction about our founders and their LinkedIn:

:yellow_square: Tomy Spagnoletti Duval :
Passionate about software and hardware computing since the age of 9, built his first website at 13 and first software at 14.
Training in applied electronics.
Entrepreneur since the age of 20 with 5 companies: Cestan Groupe Numérique, Chez Handy, The Digital Smartness, Smartness/Ko…
→ Software Developer, System Administrator, Hardware and Network Engineer, Database Architect.

:yellow_circle: Adilie Seitmemetova
Master in Civil Engineering in 2014 in Ukraine.
Diploma in Graphic Design, Web Design and Web Development.
Professional training in UX Design.
→ Head of Product Design of Ko, Graphic Designer and Operational manager for Ko.

Arthur Delbeke
Sports training CREPS Île-de-France.
Web and Mobile Development Training 2017-2020.
Professional volleyball player.
Several times French volleyball champion.
→ Lead Front-end Developer, technical reviewer of all Ko source code.

… which are building ko along with Régis, David and I.

:motorway: Road map: we are now targeting the asian market as this community will be benefitting the most from our product. We will raise funds through an ICO this year and through equity in 2024. This money will help us develop our app which is already live in beta!

:link: Link to website: Download our app!

:bird: Links to social channels:


Thanks a lot for reading this! I’ll be available anytime on my Telegram if you’d like a chat or partner together! Have a wonderful day,

Oscar Mairey and all the team at ko!

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Hi, we can’t find your submission to Polygon Village, please confirm you wen through it

Hi Grendel, seems my application was to long ago then. I just re-submitted it!