Introduction to Vigilance DAO

  • Project name - Vigilance DAO
  • Main use case -
    On-chain data collection & maintenance of Fraudulent (e.g. Phishing) addresses and domains. This will help with the following:
  1. Allow users to know if they are interacting with fraudulent contracts
  2. Prepare a set of whitelisted contracts that SCW (Smart contract wallet) accounts can subscribe to, to ensure they always interact with legitimate protocols. Highly useful for on-boarding new users securely to web3 and ensure they don’t get trapped during their initial days
  3. Eventually, we also want to explore how protocols can easily whitelist bulk load of accounts that have decent reputation and avoid unknown interactions from hackers. Useful for protocol security in early days.
  • What do we want to solve thanks to this project
    A lot of non-tech savvy people get scammed through phishing websites, wallet scams, etc. To begin with, idea is to create a protocol that crowdsources and maintains active scammers information on the chain so that other apps/dapps like browsers, DEXs, CEXs, wallets, etc. can use this information to warn their users if they try interaction with scammers. As a start, a simple chrome extension that warns people when they land at unknown websites is built. Eventually, we want to integrate this information into SCW accounts to prevent transactions at account level itself, without having to depend on external applications to warn their users.

The protocol will act as a marketplace for security information on-chain and will allow people to design custom bots and solutions to automatically detect and report various scams. This data can be fed by security companies and even individual builders. Open for everyone.

The protocol aims to generalise data collection and design an incentive incentive system that will benefit the reporters while ensuring sustainable operation for the product.

  • Presentation of the team
  1. Venkat Kunisetty - Product lead
    With over 3+ years of experience in web3 dev, I am a fullstack developer as well. I am a 2019 graduate from IIT Madras and have been a buidler all my life. The idea for vigilance DAO came from a personal experience of mine where I went till the last step of a discord captcha scam website. It’s then I realised how easy it can be for regular people to get scammed, if I who understand the technology well, went till the last step. I started monitoring live phishing scams (like zkSync airdrop scams) and understood millions are flowing to scammers because of no information. Though anti-virus tools catch these, they are usually late by a few days or people don’t have these tools. Its likely that people who are unaware of all these tools are the ones likely to scammed. That’s when the thought came to actually build something that takes information to the users instead of users installing special tools to secure themselves. The programmable nature of EVM can allow this.

  2. Developers - Dinesh Aitham & Rajat Singh. Both of them are smart contract developers for this project and have been actively helping us build the initial product, populate data and experiment with AA wallets.

  3. Community - Shivang has joined us recently to help us build community to test our MVP. He has been actively reaching out to web3 communities, influencers to build relations and allow them to try the product.

  • Road map
  1. Release Chrome extension MVP to allow reporting of scams. The extension also shows alerts to users when they come across a fraudulent website. All the reported information is stored on-chain. We are currently building on Polygon testnet. (90% done)
  2. Experiment with AA wallets to build a feature where users can subscribe to vigilance DAO on-chain data directly into their wallets. This will allow users to ensure wallet level protection while allowing the protocol to charge a small fee for its data.
  3. Build a community of 5000 users and 100 DAO members who will act as early validators. These validators will be responsible for validating on-chain scam reports. With the scope of this grant, target is to get at-least 500 on-chain reports.

Web3 security chrome extension - coming soon