Introduction to The Speakers NFT

Introducing The Speakers NFT: Revolutionizing Content Creation and Community Growth in Web3

Project Name: The Speakers NFT

Welcome to The Speakers NFT, an innovative project designed to empower content creators and promote growth in the burgeoning world of Web3. We have created an exclusive community of 999 NFT holders, who will benefit from an array of unique opportunities and platforms tailored to their needs.

Main Use Case: Empowering Content Creators and Web3 Enthusiasts

Our project aims to provide content creators and Web3 enthusiasts with a suite of platforms and services designed to help them thrive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. These platforms will enable our NFT holders to create, share, and monetize content, as well as access unique training programs, job opportunities, and more.

What We Want to Solve: Bridging the Gap between Web2 and Web3

The Speakers NFT seeks to bridge the gap between traditional Web2 content and the new world of Web3 by providing a space for creators to share their work and benefit from the growing ad revenue in the Web3 ecosystem. Additionally, our project offers a range of short-term and long-term opportunities for our NFT holders, helping them to leverage their skills and expertise in the ever-expanding Web3 environment.

Presentation of the Team: MarianneNFTs and the Journey to Web3

Our founder and team leader, MarianneNFTs, is a passionate advocate for the transformative potential of Web3. After facing numerous challenges in her home country of Lebanon, Marianne discovered the power of NFTs and dedicated her life to learning and working in the space. Drawing on her extensive experience as a service provider in the Web3 community, Marianne has developed The Speakers NFT project to empower content creators and help them succeed in the new digital era. The rest of the team is a group of collab managers and volunteers willing to put in the effort to make this the success of its era.

Road Map: A Comprehensive Plan for The Speakers NFT

Our roadmap includes a variety of exciting initiatives designed to benefit our NFT holders:

  1. Talk Web3 to Me: A multi-format media platform offering long and short-form content, podcasts, and video content, exclusively for our NFT holders.
  2. Degenify: A Web3 services company providing job opportunities and gigs for our NFT holders in collaboration with major brands and Web3 projects.
  3. 999GrowthTraining Programs: Customized skill and training programs for our NFT holders, complete with professional certification.
  4. Mini-Drops and Fr999 for Holders: Launching affordable mini drops on multiple chains, allowing our holders to access and engage with diverse ecosystems.
  5. Speakers Physical Board Game: A partnership with a leading board game company to create a Speakers-themed series of physical board games, featuring our NFT characters and community-created lore.

Social Channels:
Discord: The Speakers NFT

Join us on this exciting journey as we revolutionize content creation and community growth in Web3. Become a part of The Speakers NFT community today!


It as been a great opportunity for me to be part the community and I’m suggesting any one comes across this post should join the community

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Amazing :star_struck::star_struck:… Project…
I love you and your amazing plans :heart:

:partying_face::tada: PARTY#6917

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This community is fire! If you are not in, then you are really OUT!

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Great project, Great plans.!, The Speakers NFT has a lot in stock for us✨

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This is the BEST community to be a part of :fire::studio_microphone:

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this project is incredible marianne! something we haven’t seen yet. can’t wait to be part of the team​:saluting_face::saluting_face:

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Why do you want to build this what’s the motivation behind it? I can see tons of players like lens is also building this and also ORB already have these features.

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Hello! Thank you so much for your interest and questions.

  • We want to build this to be an unbiased media platform that fulfills the needs of all types of consumers purely interested in Web3 in one platform. From long-form written articles, short-form written case studies, long-form audio, and video podcasts, to short-form videos, posted by community members purely for consumers to benefit without the “social” part of it, in comparison to lens for example. More than that, our community is more than just the platform! It’s a whole ecosystem created to benefit its members through fun, seriousness, information, education, and even business and entrepreneurship, with the safety of multiple streams of income through both Web2 and Web3 for extra security.

I hope this answered your questions and if you want to know more, I am more than happy to answer!!

Appreciate you Charlie, thank you for your kind words

Big thanks for your support and presence Diana!

This community is going to be a big big thing King

Always! Making sure to keep on underpromising and overdelivering

And you are one of the best community members Jessica, thank you so much

Appreciate you! Hopefully very soon!

I understand did you check How’re you different?

Thanks alot too :heart::heart::100:

I love your amazing impact on web3 :purple_heart:
Keep it up :100::fire::crossed_fingers::clinking_glasses:

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Orb is a social media platform, we’re more of a news platform. It’s like comparing Youtube, New York Times with Twitter. Did that answer your question better? <3

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Marianne! Super stoked to see the project launching.
The idea, the community and the freakin’ content is just next level.

Amazing introduction :heart_eyes: