Introduction to myself

Basic Introduction:
What’s your name (or username), and where are you from?
G-DANGER, I’m from Africa
What drew you to the world of blockchain and Web3?
Here for the technology :smile:

Professional Background:
Please share a bit about your professional background and current occupation.
I am an entrepreneur who works in mines
How do you see your skills and experiences contributing to your Web3 journey?
Web3 is what I was missing

Interests in Web3:
What specific areas of Web3 are you most passionate about (e.g., DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, Gaming)? DeFi
Are there any projects or technologies in Web3 that you find particularly exciting or innovative? Bitcoin maximalist

Feature Recommendations:
Have you or a friend ever experienced any pain points when using Polygon PoS? Or, do you have any exciting ideas for the chain you would like to voice? Nothing to report
If so, do you have any specific features/solutions you think would work well?

Current Projects:
Are you currently working on any Web3 projects? If so, please briefly overview what you’re working on. No
How can the community support your projects? Are there specific collaborations or insights you’re seeking? No

Learning and Development:
What challenges have you faced in the Web3 space, and how have you overcome them? Nothing to report
Are there any resources or learning paths you’ve found invaluable in your Web3 education that you’d like to share? Just be curious

Im a crypto reseracher and nft collector. Love to be a part of this community.

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