Introduction - Pistachio Wallet

** Project name:** Pistachio
** Main use case:**
Swift, secure, social crypto payments. We are building a social payments wallet that onboards users via email login so that they can transact directly on Polygon zkEVM for unmatched cost with fast settlement. We built an off-chain username database to facilitate connection between users and their friends.

We are dedicated to building a platform that aims to make cryptocurrencies accessible and user-friendly for the average person. Currently, the crypto industry poses several barriers to entry, such as complicated seed phrases and high transaction fees, which deter many individuals from participating in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Our platform addresses these pain points by streamlining the onboarding process and simplifying the overall user experience. We prioritize user-friendly interfaces and intuitive features that empower individuals to navigate the crypto world with ease, regardless of their technical expertise. By eliminating the need for complex seed phrases and minimizing transaction fees, we aim to democratize access to cryptocurrencies and attract millions of new users from around the world.

*** What do we want to solve thanks to this project:**
There are several reasons for why people don’t use crypto to pay their friends:

  1. They don’t want to send a volatile asset for FOMO on price gains
  2. High transaction fees
  3. Hard to find your friends and not make accidental errors with public addresses

*** Presentation of the team:**
Brian Smocovich -

Brian Smocovich is an accomplished professional with a strong background in the Ethereum space. He has been actively involved in the crypto industry since 2017, and has a diverse range of experiences from 2013-2017 including sales, financial advisory, and management consulting. Brian’s Ethereum journey began in 2017 when he joined BlockApps as a Sales Executive, where he successfully sold and managed enterprise-grade Ethereum projects, including the first ever energy trading platform to be built on a blockchain. He is certified in the Foundation stage of the Sandlers Sales Training Program.

In addition to his work with BlockApps, Brian has also served as the Chief-of-Staff for an NFT Marketplace called Mint Gold Dust, where he had the opportunity to connect with his Co-Founder Kyle. Brian’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to found the thriving NFT community known as “Degen Moon Frens,” which focuses on educating new users about cryptocurrency and programming.

Kyle Diggs -

Kyle is an accomplished self-taught developer with nine years of experience in various domains. He has a strong track record of founding social networking platforms, creating custom e-commerce experiences, and spearheading the development of software solutions to automate operations and logistics for new ventures and small businesses.

Recently, Kyle successfully launched a beta build of a custom e-commerce platform hosting several genesis sites that receive monthly visits in the six-digit range. The platform boasts a robust 4-6% conversion rate for sales, positioning it as a technical competitor to industry-leading platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.

As a founding full-stack developer, Kyle’s daily tasks involve applying creativity and perseverance to map out entire projects from start to finish. He excels at connecting the dots, allowing for flexibility while planning for feature additions within well-defined and expandable structures.

In the early stages of his career, Kyle co-founded a gaming social network that leveraged APIs to connect gamers across different platforms, fostering communities around games rather than specific platforms. Although the project lasted for about two years and was considered a significant success, it faced unforeseen challenges when major industry players, such as Microsoft, introduced their own software solutions overnight, rendering the platform obsolete. In an attempt to collaborate with a competitor and create a David and Goliath scenario, Kyle and his team sold their platform, but it ultimately resulted in a hostile takeover. Their product was scrapped overnight, promised jobs dissolved, and they had to start anew without their intellectual property (IP).

This experience taught Kyle the value of tight-knit teams with shared objectives and the importance of building with confidence both conceptually and pragmatically. Since then, he has prioritized the user as the primary focus in every product he develops. Kyle understands that taking care of customers leads to their loyalty and that superior products are rewarded in the market.

*** Road map:**

  1. MVP by End of June
  2. Integration with Push Protocol - July
  3. Alpha Testing - August
  4. Beta Testing - September

*** Link to website:**
*** Links to social channels:**
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @pistachiowallet

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Welcome to the Polygon Fam! :wave: :purple_heart:

Thak you for sharing yor intro. We are happy you chose to build on zkevm please share your experience deploying your MVP.

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