Introduction: Papaya

Project Name: Papaya

Use Case: Papaya is a blockchain platform connecting content creators and fans through enhanced interaction, monetization, and distribution tools. We aim to disrupt the dominance of traditional platforms and ensure fair content creator compensation.

Goal: We’re on a mission to create a more efficient and fair content creation industry. We’re removing middlemen and empowering fans to support their favorite creators more meaningfully.

Team: Our diverse and experienced team is our strength:

  1. Sergey Kravtsov (Co-founder & CEO) - A seasoned entrepreneur and startup enthusiast.

  2. Konstantin Zhurakovskiy (Co-founder & Product Designer) - Passionate about crafting intuitive user experiences.

  3. Alsu Sayakhova (CPO) - Financial industry professional from Alpha Bank.

  4. Ruslan Fedoseenko (CTO) - Formerly lead developer at MTS and Sberbank.

Our advisor, Anton Bukov, co-founder of 1inch, provides invaluable insights. This is a snapshot of our dedicated 12-person core team.

Roadmap: Our ambitious roadmap includes launching our MVP, building a community, and onboarding creators. Alessandro, our community manager, previously built Italy’s largest crypto community. Post-launch, we’ll incorporate community feedback to refine our features and expand our user base. For more details, please check our pitch deck.


Pitch deck:

Social Channels:

CTA: We invite partnerships, collaborations, and discussions to revolutionize content creation. Let’s reshape this space together!


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