Introduction: Mysticswap, secure P2P NFT trading

Hi guys, Kelmat here! It is my pleasure to intro Mysticswap to you all:

Project Name: Mysticswap
Mysticswap is the safest place to trade NFTs & tokens OTC. We help communities of gaming and NFT projects safely swap their NFTs and tokens peer-to-peer.

Main Use Case: Empowering NFT & gaming communities to trade safely OTC
You meet someone in-game, on Discord or on Twitter and want to trade assets with them. We are where you do it. We help you trade safely by enabling you to avoid flagged NFTs, vet your trading partners and making sure you get the exact assets you’re looking for.

What We Want to Solve: Difficulties trading NFTs & tokens P2P
Currently, trading P2P is done mostly via trust trading and in Discord trading channels, which is known to have caused quite a lot of scams. Furthermore, finding legit trading partners and separating them from scam offers on your NFTs can also be an excruciating task. We’re here to solve all of that, by providing you with a way to meet potential people to trade with and vet them accordingly.

Presentation of the Team: Kelmat goes on a Web3 journey
Our founder and team leader, João Moreira, is a second time founder and former Microsoft and B2B SaaS General Manager, with deep past experiences in sales, product and strategy. When finding out poor the process of NFT swapping was when he first joined the web3 scene in late 2021, he sought to do something about it. And so Mysticswap was born. The rest of the team is comprised of three software engineers, 4 partnerships managers and one community manager, all avid web3 enthusiasts committed to make this the success we know it can be.

Website & Social Channels:
Discord: Mysticswap

Are you a game, an NFT project or just otherwise interested in exploring what Mysticswap has to offer? Join our community and reach out to the team, we’re happy to chat!

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