Introduction - FrontierRegistry

FrontierRegistry is scientific, engineering and academic research published onchain.

​FrontierRegistry facilitates transparent and accessible publishing of scientific research and data while simultaneously protecting the IP Rights of the holder(s) by immutably registering the published work on the blockchain. It also provides for decentralized identity, authenticated onchain peer review.

​2 Min. Explainer Video

​Contrary to legacy scientific publishing, WE do not charge upfront publishing fees, all copyright of materials published on FrontierRegistry is retained by the author/owner, and data is maintained through a decentralized architecture (IPFS).

​Thanks to a grant from Polygon Village in October 2022, the team was able to build and release an Alpha version of FrontierRegistry on the Mumbai Testnet in January 2023. It is currently being used by BETA testers as well as under review by scientific and academic institutions. For this next phase, we are integrating AI capabilities, both for research verification, doc prep and to discern AI written papers (ZERO GPT for example).

​With 2023 declared by the White House as the Year of Open Science, we feel FrontierRegistry has a necessary and integral place in this ecosystem.

​Our full project description is a verified project on Giveth with recent updates.


Paige Donner - Founder, FrontierRegistry + co-Founder, FrontierDAO

Paige minted FrontierRegistry pitch deck as an IP NFT in February 2022 after pitching the concept of onchain scientific publishing to dozens of VCs in 2021-22.
She co-founded FrontierDAO in August 2021 and is the first female co-founder of a science (#DeSci) DAO.
LinkedIn - she is an R&D entrepreneur and is a subcontractor to NASA

In summer of 2022 she applied for and received a builder grant from Polygon Village. With a small team, they produced this Alpha Release of the onchain scientific publishing protocol. Marketing support from Polygon Village was augmented by grants from Gitcoin and Filecoin Foundation.

Lucas Iwai - Lead Dev, Full Stack
Lucas is an experienced Developer. He has 10+ years of experience since graduating from university in Japan. He is bilingual Japanese and English. His Github is here:

Dr. Azimov - Advisor to FrontierRegistry
Dr. Azimov is an associate professor of aeronautical engineering at UH Manoa. He is a principal investigator on a NASA award (thorugh which he works with Donner as a subcontractor). He cooperates with the NASA Transform to Open Science (TOPS) program which is all about #FAIR (findable accessible interoperable reusable) as well as the defined Open Science tenets embodied in FrontierRegistry.

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:microscope:Roadmap :telescope:

November 2022 - Polygon Village grant received for Alpha Build of FrontierRegistry

November '22 - January '23 - Marketing materials - video, website, Use Badges (NFTs) created and released as support materials for FrontierRegistry

January 5th, 2023 - FrontierRegistry deployed on Mumbai Testnet in Aplha Release

January 2023 - March 2023 - Beta Users contacted and recruited for FrontierRegistry. 200+ universities in N. America, Japan and Europe contacted regarding FrontierRegistry alpha release.

March 2023 - Paige presents FrontierRegistry to UNESCO working group on Open Science Infrastructure

March - June 2023 - Great distribution, demo of FrontierRegistry at the Cité des Sciences during JupyterCon (open data publishing conference), Paris, France

July 2023 - Demo of FrontierRegistry at ETHCC Paris during featured talk

July 2023 - January 2024 - Fundraising. BETA build. Transfer FrontierRegistry from Mumbai Testnet to Polygon mainnet.
Enhance UX/UI
Continue buildding relationships in the Open Science and TradSci research and academic communities

Landing Page/ Website

Twitter - Pinned

FrontierRegistry is a guild project of FrontierDAO

CTA :loudspeaker:

We are looking for Polygon Labs and Polygon Ecosystem support to take this to BETA and beyond.
This is an exciting time in the field of Open Science. Having a publishing tool that serves scientists’, engineers’, rsearchers’ and the public’s best interests while preserving scalability is a great service to humanity.

Let’s Go! :rocket:

Article published about FrontierRegistry in February 2022


Hi, in order to being validated, it is necessary to follow all the steps indicated in the email you received after submitting to Village:

4. Next Steps

  1. Join the Polygon Discord server Discord
  2. Verify your Discord account
  3. Go to the channel #︱start and pick the “Business” role
  4. Go to the Polygon Village Category, then the #︱welcome channel
  5. Follow the instructions in the #︱welcome channel
  6. Present yourself in the #︱intro channel
  7. Present your project on the Village Forum

Please join the Discord Server and intorduce yourself in the intro channel.



Done! Thank You ::pray:t4:

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