Introduction: ETH Games

What is ETH Games?
ETH Games is quiz game with large prize pools on the Polygon blockchain.
At ETH Games you can mint your game ticket to compete with other players in real-time and win prize money. The purchase of tickets and the prize money distribution occur in $MATIC (Polygon).
You can play on

Join Game
Once you have purchased your ticket, it will be displayed under ‘my tickets’ a few minutes later. Simply click on ‘join game’ to participate in the game.

A game consists of a total of 4 rounds, and in each round, 10 questions must be answered. Each player has 12 seconds per question. The goal is to answer as many questions correctly as possible and to be faster than the opponents. After each round, the bottom x percent of players are eliminated (see Game Round Gates).

In the 4th round, the top players will receive a cash prize in $MATIC.

After each game, your cash prize in $MATIC will be available directly in your account, and you can withdraw it at any time.

Stage 1

Currently, we are in Stage 1 and went live with our beta version in May 2023, and now we regularly host games. We currently have over 1000 connected wallets (users) on our platform and are now starting aggressive web3 marketing to bring the already affine target audience (NFT, Crypto) to our platform.

Stage 2

In Stage 2, which we plan to approach in about 3 months, the focus will be on converting the masses from web2 (TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch) to our platform. For this purpose, we have already developed an extremely simple account/wallet concept where the user only needs to register with their email and can top up $MATIC via credit card.

Stage 3

Status Quo

Our team consists of only 2 individuals and 2-3 extenal devloper.
We have built everything completely independently so far:

  • Built Discord Community 6k+ members
  • Twitter Community 20k+ followers
  • Beta Version Live (Games hosted daily)
  • First 1k players within 2 weeks

What we need

We now need an intelligent, experienced, and financially strong partner who can provide us with the ecosystem we urgently need to grow rapidly and scale up:

  • Full Time Developer
  • Game Designer
  • Liquidity for bigger prize pools
  • Liquidity for better marketing

ETH Games




I like the approach of you guys, what’s your GTM?

Thank you for your feedback!

The main premise is to offer a simple game that most people know and love → Quiz Game

However, for the first time, we are giving a player the opportunity to participate in a quiz duel at any time and play for real money. Everything is transparently recorded on the blockchain. So the player has a real chance to earn/win money with their knowledge. The results of the game are not dependent on luck but solely on their skill.

Target Audience Strategy:

In the current phase, we are converting all the knowledgeable individuals from the space, users who know exactly what a Metamask is and how to mint a ticket. We are giving them the opportunity to achieve winnings/profits independent of volume, floor prices, or anything else.

For this purpose, we are collaborating with many other projects and giving away a large number of free game tickets. Most users are already becoming recurring players and also purchasing tickets.

In Stage 2, the focus is on converting the masses from web2.
For this purpose, we have already developed an extremely simple account/wallet concept where the user only needs to register with their email and can top up $MATIC via credit card.
This allows us to work very effectively with web2 influencers and easily convert their communities/traffic to us.

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Gotcha! I will be your user for sure. Excited to see how uniquely you will onboard web2 users :slight_smile:

we already host games daily, just hop on our dc, to get notified when next ticket sale starts :slight_smile: