Introduction: Dramz Auction House


The Dramz Auction House (DAH) is a bespoke web3 NFT auction platform, focused on social interaction and user experience. It currently is a successful, functioning auction platform on Cardano and is expanding to Polygon as part of its multi-chain strategy. A tiered membership program serves to provide the user base varied levels of benefits ranging from discounts and promotions to members-only access for functionality and events. The vision for the DAH is to be the web3 auction destination for top tier NFT projects, tokenized services, real-world collections, artists and serious collectors.

Why Polygon:
Polygon was selected for the next step in the DAH evolution due to the chain’s dedication to growth and visible allocation of resources to nurturing the NFT ecosystem. As a layer 2, it is building upon a tried and tested foundation with a mature development framework, and a focus on scalability. Most importantly, the Polygon community is strong and quickly growing. There is a clear sense of leadership, support and encouragement to innovate that will undoubtedly foster a growing group of builders and creators.

Membership Program:
The DAH will be open to ALL USERS to list items, bid and win. For access to further benefits and perks, there is a tiered membership program.

The Ruby membership is the entry-level membership that affords the holder with discounts on listing and buying fees. This level also comes with access to members-only events and collections, and entries into raffles and other events. As a Ruby holder, you will gain access to all the functionality that the platform has to offer.

The Emerald membership is the premium level that allows users access to private auctions, partnership features and exclusives. Through this membership, you’ll have access to auctions of 1 of 1s, that are provided by the project owners. You will also have access to project-specific promotions, such as bidding your way into whitelists for very highly anticipated drops. Additionally, a user can list bundles of assets in a single auction.

The Diamond membership is designed for partners and is generally sold as part of a partnership agreement with high profile projects. The Diamond membership symbolises a business relationship affording the holder deep discounts, zero-fee listing, marketing space, promotion through social channels, consulting time, and other tools to help the project grow and gain value over time.

The Team:
As community leaders, Cryptodramz and Ape$hift have built lasting relationships among the top NFT project creators and continue to bring their NFT expertise to bear. This team has provided their consulting on NFT projects long enough to be considered experts. The Dramz Auction House also consists of Canucks Publishing who have an extensive track record of delivering web3 software solutions for projects that are currently live. This combination of technical experts and visionary leaders form the foundation upon which the Dramz Auction House will thrive and build upon its success.

Initial Steps:
We are aiming for a membership sale in early June. The proceeds of this sale will be used to build the Polygon portion of the auction house and support ongoing operations while the platform gains traction and is fine tuned for the needs of the community. This initial membership sale will include a public availability of Diamond memberships as a promotion for this inaugural entry into Polygon. In parallel, the DAH team will be reaching out and connecting with the top NFT projects in Polygon to better articulate partnership opportunities and discuss how we can foster win-win scenarios, strengthening the NFT community.

Where to find us:
Discord: Dramz Auction House