Introduction: CRCI - DeFi Fundamental Analysis Reviews

Project Name:

Main Use Cases:

Mission Statement:
The CRCI reviews each DeFi project’s capacity to communicate, execute and provide their solutions with transparency while keeping user protection and ecosystem health as priorities.

What do we want to solve:
Because of a general lack of resources on how to research DeFi, retail investors are particularly vulnerable to over-committing to DeFi investments. Because of the DeFi ecosystem’s lack of discipline and regulation, DeFi projects have essentially no fiduciary responsibility or accountability for product failures.

The CRCI is a first-principles based review system that measures confidence in decentralized
finance projects using an intelligently weighted fundamental analysis scoring process.

CRCI Design:
Establishing trust in a trustless ecosystem comes down to performance and transparency of intentions. CRCI defines problem areas and develops solutions to measure trust.

CRCI Team:
RJ - Project Lead and main contributor
Vivek - Business Development Lead
Mike - Technical Lead

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