Introduction: BLOCK'd, more than just a social layer!

BLOCK’d is a unique approach to the social layer of web3. Think of it as a hub for all of blockchain communities. Created with solutions in mind, i invite you to dip your toes in the well of eternity (theres some witchcraft going on here)

What can one do on BLOCK’d (and why does it sound so aggressive??)
The name BLOCK’d comes from “Blockchain” and “decentralized” which is greek for “blockchain social media platform” (its actually english but moving on). Close your eyes, let me take your on a ride. Imagine all of your favorite social media platforms out there like Tweeter(feed), Reedit(chatrooms), Dicsord(voice and video chats) and placing all of that utility behind an NFT. Imagine wanting to start your million dollar business and finding web3 developers in a matter of minutes where the contracts are done with smart contracts instead. Imagine a place where you can find the latest and greatest web3 games or start your podcast streaming career. Imagine a pepperoni pizza. Now open your eyes, bite that pizza, and head over to and click “Learn More”.

See you all in the metaverse

PS: its built on polygon :slight_smile:

Being a HUB for blockchain enthusiasts, there will also be a dedicated “Developers Corner” which will operate much like Upwork or Fiverr but for blockchain developers. Developers will have access to listing their services and picking up bounties for extra money on the side. All deals mediated through BLOCKd will be done with smart contracts and will use BLOCKd escrow for safety and security.

Our “Web3 Gaming” section will be a vast library of web3 games, many being accessible directly from our platform. Our goal is to shine the light on what everyone is developing in the space.

A portion of the profits go directly to our Rhino Sanctuary that we own and support in Namibia Africa. Since January 2023, we have saved 22 rhinos from illegal poaching. Our goal is to reach 100 Rhinos be the end of the summer.

Thank you to the Polygon ecosystem for allowing such amazing development to occur here.