Introduction: Bevor

Company Name: Bevor
Main Use Case:
Bevor is creating a decentralized audit facilitating platform for the entire web3 ecosystem. We believe that current auditing mechanisms are completely broken, and we want to fix this. We plan to connect Auditees, Auditors, and DAO participants in a way that helps enable efficient secure audits and ensure the long-lasting durability of these audits.

What We Want to Solve:
Currently, receiving an audit is a huge headache across the entire space. Off-chain terms are settled with centralized entities, there are severe backlogs, audits are very expense, and the auditor assumes zero risk after handoff, even if their audited code was later exploited. Bevor seeks to solve all of these major pain points, while de-risking the auditing process drastically, and helping enable a more efficient decentralized means of auditing as a whole.

The Team:
We are a team of 2 deeply technically founders. Our practical and academic experience ranges Full Stack Development, Data Science, and Smart Contract Development. We’ve both been involved in this space in at least some capacity for ~6yrs now, whether as investors, enthusiasts, or builders. We also have former founder experience, serving as CTO at an NFT Exchange and building companies from 0 to 1. Our practical experience working in venture has taught us a great deal about navigating the startup space, strategy, determining scope, and agile development practices.

Bevor will consist of 2 main components. One is the protocol itself, and one is the DAO. The DAO helps serve to qualify the status of audits, engaging the power of the community and other sophisticated developers and auditors in the space.
We’re targeting a DAO MVP launch by end of August 2023.
We’re targeting a Protocol MVP launch by October 2023.
Future directions will largely be determined by community feedback, so we’re actively engaging builders in the space!

We believe the issue we’re trying to solve is apparent throughout the ecosystem, and while the protocol will reside on Polygon zkEVM, Bevor is agnostic to the networks that codebases being audited are built on. We’re strongly positioned to succeed in this space, and are excited to keep building!

Main Site:
Docs (WIP):
Twitter: @BevorProtocol
Discord: Bevor