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BattleCity is web3-gaming project creates Legends of Tank, MU of Heroes and more by blockchain technology constituting for everyone can joy and contribute with BattleCity’s ecosystem, excited and be together with, as our vision: [PLAY for JOY] - [EARN for FUN] – [OWN for REAL] = (“Play To Earn”) [ONE PORTAL] [ONE TOKEN] [ENTER ALL CLASSIC LEGENDS GAME] for all game-players around the world!!!

Project Valuation:

    1. New business model: offers a new business model that addresses the common web3-gamer worries with something called “When will the pool reward explode?”.
    1. Unique gameplay: is a strategy game with a unique mode called [Win to Earn] that requires players to think of strategies to succeed. This adds an extra layer of excitement and challenge to the game when each player will take each other’s tokens as well as Betting Mode.
    1. Community-driven: is a community-driven project that encourages player feedback and involvement in the development process. This fosters a collaborative and engaging environment for players.
    1. Gas-fee solution: BattleCity solves users’ worries about gas fees on withdraw/deposit and NFT mint transactions
    1. All games in one: BattleCity Portal offers other carefully curated games from other Game Studios in the Web3 space and non-web3 that satisfy the conditions [One Portal One token to enter all One top game] in addition to games developed and owned by BattleCity, such as Legends of Tank or Mu of Hero.


Du, Project Manager of BattleCity

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