Introduction: Bashocaps 🎮

Overview: Bashocaps, a project in development for over two years, aims to bring nostalgic playground games and 90s arcade vibes to the blockchain. Serving as the first game in the arcade, Bashocaps plans to introduce future games like Crypto Invaders, Polygon Pinball, Centipede and more based on community feedback.

Project details: Currently, Bashocaps operates on Cardano, but we believe that the project should be accessible across multiple blockchain networks to accommodate all holders and players, regardless of their chain preferences. While most projects simply remain idle in your wallet, we wanted to create an interactive space where NFT holders can engage and play with their NFTs. Choosing Polygon as our first expansion beyond Cardano was a natural progression. Polygon’s commitment to gaming and its support for builders make it an ideal match for our project. We recognize Polygon’s dedication to creating a vibrant gaming ecosystem and providing the necessary infrastructure for developers to thrive. By leveraging Polygon’s capabilities, we can enhance the gaming experience, foster community engagement, and seamlessly connect players across chains. We’re excited to join forces with Polygon and embark on this exciting chapter together! Our ultimate aspiration is to become the go-to destination where arcades and blockchains seamlessly converge. In our game, winning isn’t just about the glory; it’s also about earning WIN tokens, think about the tickets you’d accumulate in a physical arcade. These tokens will unlock in-game upgrades, contribute to weekly and monthly prize pools, and eventually enable users to redeem tangible goods. The Polygon community has provided us with a warm and supportive environment, making our expansion experience extremely positive. We’re excited to bring Bashocaps to a wider audience!

What we have accomplished and our future plans: Our primary objective was to swiftly introduce a playable game, and we have achieved that successfully. We have implemented wallet linking, NFT integration, and activated WIN tokens. Building upon this foundation, our next step is to expand into Polygon and apply the same principles. By leveraging the groundwork we have laid, we aim to provide a seamless and engaging experience for players across multiple chains.



I remember playing this game. Super cool

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