Introducing Voidge : Fictional Worlds of Tomorrow

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Voidge is an innovative sci-fi franchise where fans become co-authors. Their characters, stories, and contributions are recognized and embraced as an official part of the storyline and lore. The evolution in fanfic culture. This collaborative and decentralized model redefines the franchise norm, empowering fans to influence Voidge World across multiple media.

Put simply: Just imagine how would you feel if you could see a character you created stand alongside Yoda in Star Wars – that’s the magic Voidge offers.

To transform the way people engage with Fictional Worlds.

For ages, stories have been told to us, but we believe that stories shouldn’t be a one-way street.

Fictional Worlds should be living entities, evolving with every touch, every idea, every dream. Voidge is here to redefine not just how stories are consumed, but how they are created.

Every fan, every reader, every viewer has, at some point, imagined alternate scenarios, new characters, or even entirely different outcomes for their favorite stories.

Think back to that final episode that left you thinking, ‘There was so much more potential!’

Voidge’s OmniVX (OmniVerse Experience), decentralizes narrative control by encouraging and supporting content creation, where every fan has a voice, a presence, and a legacy. When fans are allowed to guide narratives, it fosters a dynamic and engaging evolution of the Fictional World – sometimes in unexpected ways even to the original creators. OmniVX also introduces a new approach to franchise content: deeply personal stories tailored to each individual’s interests and motivations.

A model that offers a real impact on belongingness and participation.

As Voidge continues to evolve, our strategic roadmap underscores our commitment to innovation and fan engagement.

Key Milestones

  • (Already Live!) Virtual Land Claim: We’ve introduced a free-tier land claim for web3 users in our ever-expanding virtual World – This marks the beginning of our vision towards the future of what Voidge aims to build, laying the path to the sense of really belonging, since the start


  • (Already Live!) Land Customization: Users can build on their virtual spaces and decorate with their NFTs, enhancing user experience, engagement, and sense of identity.

  • Token Launch: An upcoming event that will allow Voidge early joiners to participate in deeper web3 experiences and programs. // (We’re open for partnerships)

  • Voidge Novel - Volume 1: With over 180 pages written already, this novel will solidify lore and backdrop for the future of Voidge’s collaborative World-building coming ahead.

  • Virtual World Expansion: Efforts to further enhance the virtual World’s capabilities, ensuring scalability and richness in user experience.

  • AI Agents Platform: Aimed to foster user-generated content, this platform will utilize AI to aid fans in content creation in Voidge World.

  • Collaborative World-Building Tools: Tools to facilitate the collaborative and organic expansion of the Voidge World.

  • RPG Book: Voidge RPG Book is our “diverse media” pathway to immerse a different audience into the depths of the Voidge World.

  • Coffee Brand: In Voidge World, Martian coffee reigns supreme, inspired by it, we envision a real-world coffee blend that mixes storytelling and product. This initiative exemplifies how elements of Voidge World can be innovatively adapted and expanded beyond the novel pages.

  • Web3 Character Cohesion: Whether you’re in a game, the virtual world, or an offline event, your assets integrate, maintaining their levels, stats, and value across diverse experiences and platforms.

  • Revenue-Sharing Program: Utilizing the power of Web3 to reward and redistribute value back to early token holders.

3nki : Co-founder, Angel Investor & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - With 20+ years in startup environments, journeyed to successful IPOs and exits. 3nki is an alumnus of Belas Artes and Stanford HCI, his expertise blends design and tech to create successful products.
Discord Username: 3nki | Twitter

Smashr : Co-founder & Chief Innovation Officer (CInO) - In the creative advertising industry with 15+ years of experience, Smashr is a serial project launcher, grinding and hustling to test new concepts in new markets.
Discord Username: smashr | Twitter

Rhynox : Co-founder & Chief Gaming Experience Officer (CGxO) - Has been at the heart of game development since the '90s, starting with board-game mechanics. Observed and paralleled the industry’s evolution for 20+ years.

Shima : Executive Creative Director (ECD) - Brings a 15+ year legacy of artistry. With a specialization in LookDev and Lighting, his contributions continue to shape and elevate Voidge’s unique visual style.

Bauer : Director of Tech & Web3 - 23+ years in IT, evolving from a Systems Analyst to a Blockchain Engineer. Adept in smart contracts, AI integrations, and excels in DevSecOps.

Dan : Gaming & Product Strategy Advisor - Former CPO at Tapps Games and Space Sheep Games, Dan’s expertise lies in crafting player-centric experiences.

Marduk : RPG Advisor - 25+ years of experience in mastering and developing various RPG systems, including classic titles such as D&D, Vampire, and others.

We’ve chosen Polygon not just for its technical capabilities, but because it resonates with our ambition to reshape industries; we see Polygon as a reliable partner to paint the new era of narratives.

Calling all the rebels to redefine storytelling and the Fictional Worlds of Tomorrow.

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