Introducing Strive Network - Enabling On-chain, Verfiable & Tradeable Utilities

GM GM Fellow Polygon Citizens,

We are excited to introduce you all to Strive Network, a revolutionary new platform that aims to unlock the full potential of NFT utilities. NFT utilities are the additional layer that activates communities and provides real-world usability for NFTs.

Strive Network provides NFT projects with the tools they need to manage their NFT utilities, making them on-chain, verifiable, and individually tradeable.

Strive Network’s Protocol enables seamless on-chain deployment & management of NFT utilities on top of existing NFT collections. This means that projects can add new & existing utilities to their NFTs without having to create new collections or use off-chain methods for management of the utilities. The Protocol also allows for the management of these utilities among all the holders, ensuring that everyone has access to the same benefits.

Strive Network’s Marketplace enables the trading of individual NFT utilities. This means that holders can sell or trade the utilities they no longer need, or believe hold substantial monetary value.

Strive Network is a powerful new platform that has the potential to revolutionize the way NFTs are used today. By providing NFT projects with the tools they need to manage their NFT utilities, Strive Network is helping to create a more seamless, dynamic and engaging NFT ecosystem.

You can learn more about us on our Twitter & Website.

We look forward to connecting with all of you to take NFTs forward!