Introducing our new and improved website

We’re excited to announce a revamp to our website is rolling out. Here’s a preview of what’s to come:

  • improving the Polygon experience for the community
  • spotlighting our partners, both large and small
  • enhancing educational resources
  • celebrating our builders

Check out the beta version of the website

We’re building our website for our community. The update will be rolled out in stages. Let us know what you think, so we can improve the browsing experience. Share your feedback, below.

Thank you!
Jen Kattula, SVP, Marketing, Polygon Labs


The new site looks damn good! I see that “Community” is getting it’s own tab! Nice!


projects shown on frontpage could be better, why is threely there? maybe more better projects can be kept

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Desktop site works and looks very awesome.
But on mobile the total experience is too much laggy, extra spaces and not too much fitting.
Mobile look needs work.

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I explored the website on mobile and it feels better than the previous one. it can be more mobile friendly. Great job and good to see the events are updated.

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It looks like I’m taken to a mobile version, large text & lots of scrolling for few paragraphs that would fit in one pageview.

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I tried the beta version.
Overall, I liked the new design, it was cool to see highlights of different projects on the main page. Also, navigation on the site has been improved, everything is very intuitive and convenient. And a lot of information, which is good. A great site for research and to get acquainted with Polygon.

The only thing I noticed from the shortcomings is that the site sometimes takes a little time to load, it is heavy.

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The site looks amazing!

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