Introducing myself - Filip Roszyk

Basic Introduction:
Filip, Poland
Incredible investment returns and financial science

Professional Background:
I studied finance and accounting at university, and that’s when I got to know the world of crypto, now i am full in crypto.

Interests in Web3:
NFT, staking, airdrops, low caps and IDO
Feature Recommendations:
I haven’t experienced any problems. Maybe with transactions but its gas problems i think or browser wallet.
Current Projects:
I am not dev and i am not working on any project.

Learning and Development:
At first I didn’t know where I stood, but after watching a few tutorials on YouTube and testing how it all works, I became independent and nothing surprises me anymore.

Community Engagement:
My contribution is to be an active user of the Polygon Labs - many transactions and actions by wallet.
Future Aspirations:
I am an ordinary young investor and I want to get the most out of this market, although I would like to try my hand at working in web3.
Fun Facts:
I have basic knowledge of financial markets, but crypto is everything to me.

Connect and Collaborate:
My mail, twitter @roszyk_filip