Project name;


Main use case ;

When you purchase a MusicNFT from us, you instantly become eligible to earn money from streaming platforms worldwide, but you also become part of a thriving community where artists and fans collaborate and grow together through the power of social media.

What do we want to solve thanks to this project;

Muzik2NFT aims to address the issue of artists relying on music labels by providing a platform that leverages the power of social media as a new advertising medium. By incorporating blockchain technology, Web2 & Web3 fans have the incentive of monetary gains, leading to more promotion of the artist and their music. With the added features of gamification and a growing community, the possibilities are endless. The platform seeks to bring together music creators, fans, and everyone involved with a large user base, creating a new hub for music that combines the best of both YouTube and Spotify.

** About the Team;**

Rajesh Syal, also known as Raj, is the founder of Muzik2nft and has been an active participant in the music industry for two decades. As the owner of Desi Records, North America’s premier label for South Asian music, he has established himself as a prominent figure in the industry.

Karim Devji, also known as DJ Karim, for more then two decades has achieved great success as a DJ and music producer in Canada, having released multiple albums over the years. Currently, he is leading the production division for music and artists, showcasing his talent and expertise in the industry.

Jatin Dhawan is the lead Dev. With 13 years of experience as a software engineer specializing in Web3, iOS app development, and blockchain development, Jatin Dhawan holds the position of Chief Technology Officer at Muzik2NFT.

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