Introducing: Mumbai Testing Committee

Hello all,

Excited to announce a new community led initiative that is now underway.

Introducing: Mumbai Testing Committee

The Mumbai Testing Committee is a small group of Mainnet Validators that also will be running Mumbai Validator Nodes in varying deployments.

The Committee will test rollouts of client changes on Mumbai, and report their findings to the community to provide a community led feedback loop, as well as varied deployment options prior to these changes being released on Mainnet.

These findings will be presented on the Polygon Protocol Governance Call that follows each upgrade on the chain.

Running their individual machine will also allow them to find gaps in current documentation and potentially assist others running Mainnet nodes with the same architecture.

The Committee are covering the following deployment options:

  • AWS (Vault Staking)
  • GCP (Girnaar Nodes)
  • Docker (Proton Gaming)
  • Kubernetes (Stakepool)
  • OVH (Making Cash)
  • Bare Metal (Data Nexus)

Performance Benchmark:

In addition to this, the Mumbai Network will now host the same Performance Benchmark monitoring process as Mainnet, to ensure sufficient uptime and adherence to on-chain operations.
The adherence will be set at 90%.
Any committee member receiving Final Notice will be removed from the Mumbai Set, as well as the Committee (note: this does not affect their Mainnet Node/Slot).

Committee SLA’s:

  • Adherence to a 90% Checkpoint Signage on their Mumbai Node. (additions to the Testnet UI being worked on now)

  • Sufficient upgrade time in all client updates. (joining canonical fork in the case of hard fork, upgrading within 48 hours in the case of soft fork upgrade announcement)

  • Sufficient involvement in reporting their individual nodes upgrade on each client update


Each Validator will receive a delegation of 1.5m Matic to their mainnet node for a period of 6 months. At which time a review will take place.

Many thanks,

  • Validator Engagement, Polygon Labs.

Any Mainnet Validator who would like to express interest in joining a waitlist for the Committee please do so here: Expression of Interest: Mumbai Committee

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Love this. It’s a long time coming. Thank you team!


:pray: Agreed Mat!
Its an exciting addition to our processes as a community.