Hi everyone, my name Stanislav, I’m CEO at Crypto-bike.
Would like to present our project:

Project Name: Crypto-Bike
Category: Game-Fi

Crypto-Bike is an addictive game that offers users a unique world of virtual moto racing with crosschain solution. Players are provided with an internal marketplace where they can sell and buy unique NFT motorcycles and spare parts.
An important element of the game is the ranking system, which affects players’ earnings, encouraging them to strive for higher achievements. Crypto-bike allows you to start playing and earning absolutely free, giving everyone the opportunity to immerse themselves in an exciting game world.
In addition, players have access to a personal assistant in the form of AI that accompanies them through every stage of the game, ensuring a complete gaming experience. Rise to the top of the rankings, create unique motorcycles, and make your dreams of speed come true in Crypto-Bike!

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:busts_in_silhouette: Team:
Stanislav - CEO(
Oleh - CMO (
Alex - CPO (
Marina - Art Director (
Zakhar - Dev Team Lead (

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