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Main use case ;

A web3 marketplace that empowers stock media creators by returning revenue, control and ownership of content

What do we want to solve thanks to this project;

Currently stock media content creators are forced to sell ownership and distribution rights of their content to large centralised solutions who then have complete control to dictate terms, typically resulting in the creator receiving less than 20% of their content revenue.

The Envision marketplace flips the conventional stock media solution on its head.

By leveraging blockchain and smart contracts, the Envision platform connects buyers and sellers directly and provides transparent live proof of who owns distribution or usage rights of a digital asset, plus all necessary transaction details so there can be no disputes. This allows creators/sellers to dictate terms and sell usage rights to their content whilst retaining ownership and control.

The Envision platform acts as the user interface that provides a gateway to interacting with the blockchain, this allows users to make transactions directly between the buyer and the seller. This creates a solution which is infinitely scalable given there is no marginal cost to the platform for each transaction, unlike existing solutions which have multiple intermediary duties for every transaction/signed agreement.

Presentation of the team;

Miles Bradley - Cofounder & CFO

Graduating from The University of Western Australia majoring in finance and economics, Miles brings over 5 years experience working in corporate foreign currency markets. Having been an early investor in the crypto/blockchain space, Miles has developed a deep understanding of the technology and the benefits distributed ledger technology can provide in commercial use cases. This experience and knowledge of the space led him to co-found Envision with the aim of solving the issues around stock content rights and distribution.

Thomas Iffla - Cofounder & COO

Graduating from the University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Communications & Media, Thomas has enjoyed over 10 years experience in the Film industry. Director & filmmaker at Helm Media, Tom’s keen eye for advancing technologies led him to co-found Envision and the many problems it’s going to solve within the stock media industry.

André Lissiman - Co-Founder & Creative Director

Graduating from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Design, André has spent the past 10 years working with high-end design & branding agencies. In 2017 André started running his own design studio specialising in film, design, brand strategy, advertising and animation. Having spent years as both a client and creator, André seeks to empower creators and enhance their relationship with consumers.

Jack Viner - CTO

Jack has 20 years design and development experience, specialising in creating customised content management and e-commerce systems. After consulting to multiple digital marketing agencies across Australia, he founded Viner Studio in 2013 which produces branding, communications, websites and applications for market-leading businesses. Passionate about the creative professional industry and the next generation of entrepreneurs, Jack has helped launch and support over 100 start-ups.

Dave Robartson - Software Development Manager

Dave is a full stack web developer with over 20 years professional experience creating useful digital solutions. He specialises in building custom business applications, enterprise quality database systems and large content managed websites. Dave is a graduate of Curtin University and has qualifications in computing, commerce and multimedia.

Caragh Fraser - Marketing Manager

Caragh brings to the team Creative Director knowledge following her involvement in Energi Cryptocurrency in which her and her team took the project into the top 50 currencies within its first year. She is an expert in real world application of cryptocurrency as she was part of the core team dictating efforts of a self funding cryptocurrency charity project. She also brings skills during her four years of experience in content creation and business ownership including clients such as Samsung NZ, L’Oreal Paris, Harley Davidson, Corona Studios, Project Hiu and Superdry. Her specialty blend of creative expertise and experience in driving crypto projects makes her the perfect addition to the Envision team.

Road map;

Q1 2023 - Deploy to testnet and begin testing workflow, stress testing, smart contracts, etc
Q2 2023 - Deploy Envision platform to mainnet and start onboarding creators to populate platform with content
Q3 2023 - Begin onboarding consumers
Q4 2023 - Launch Envision Direct and Moodboard premium products
Q4 - Launch API integrations and begin onboarding partners

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