Inquiry on Token Policy Following Polygon ZK-EVM Upgrade

Dear Polygon community members,

I am a researcher and have had the opportunity to assist in the development of various DApps. My interest lies in understanding the latest advancements in the blockchain and cryptocurrency domains and sharing my insights.

Recently, I have been particularly intrigued by the forthcoming Polygon ZK-EVM upgrade. It seems like a groundbreaking move, holding significant implications for the broader blockchain industry.

I am curious about the potential changes in the token policy following this major upgrade. It has been observed that significant updates often lead to adjustments in token distribution strategies, reflecting the new technological dynamics and community developments. So, I am interested in understanding if there are similar considerations for Polygon after this upgrade.

Thank you for your time and assistance. I look forward to learning more from this vibrant community!

Best regards,

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Hi @ylin Thank you for sharing your thoughts here.
zkEVM’s next coming upgrade does not affect any tokenomics. The upgrade will enable a new opcode and other fixes. zkEVM maintains it gas fees in ETH.