Increasing Gas Limit to 30M

Hi Validators,

The launch of EIP 1559 on Polygon PoS mainnet was successful and with this out of the way, we are ready to do the tweaks on the base EIP 1559 settings that we need to do for the different network conditions on the PoS network, as opposed to those on Ethereum.

After we went live with EIP1559 on Mainnet, we have been observing lot of fluctuation in gas price on the network. This is mainly due to the fact that baseFee increases by 12.5% when the blocks are filled with txs. In other words, when the gas used in a block is higher than the gas target.

% increase in baseFee = 100 / BaseFeeChangeDenominator

The current value for Gas Limit that most clients in the network are using is 20M which means that gas target is 10M.

Gas Target = Gas Limit / ElasticityMultiplier

Since we have a low block time of 2 sec in our network, within a few blocks, the base fee can fluctuate by a great deal which might cause a bad experience for the user.

So, to make the gas price more stable and to accomodate more txs at lower gas price, we are proposing to increase the gas limit to 30M so that gas target settles at 15M. This is required to be done on validator nodes only. As this is a client level setting, it is optional for the node operators to do this change in order to improve the usability of the network. We are not enforcing this change in any way.

Instructions to Increase Gas Limit:

  1. SSH into your validator node.

  2. Open the ~/node/bor/ file and change the gas limit and save the file:

  3. Restart bor service:

    sudo service bor restart

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.