[IMP] Upcoming mainnet beta Elderberry upgrade

[IMP] Upcoming mainnet beta Elderberry upgrade

The planned Elderberry upgrade will start in around 2.5 hrs . Please note, the new prover/executor version for the upgrade will be v5.0.7. This is a mandatory version that includes a fix for a log index issue found in v5.0.6

Reminder to infrastructure providers to update to the compatible versions of node, prover/executor before the upgrade using instructions here.

Node version: v0.6.2
Prover version: v5.0.7
Bridge version: v0.4.2

Seriously, what is wrong with you people? I, thinking I’m a responsible node runner, make sure I’m upgraded to v0.6.2 and v5.0.6 well ahead of the upgrade, double check everything last night before I go to bed. Wake up and tackle array of responbilitiies, happy thinking I’ve at least got zkevm in the bag. Nope. you people release a bug fix the morning of the upgrade. This is a deliberate shakeout, as I’ve been saying, and shows a considerable lack of respect for community node runners. Honestly, it’s infuriating. All my nodes in each region broken now, not recovering after updating the prover. Thanks for the time waster. You “accidentally” find a breaking bug hours before the upgrade (no one believes that)? Maybe wait and give node runners a chance to upgrade if it’s not deliberate. FFS.

If it makes you feel any better: We updated to 5.0.7 in time and are also down. Investigation ongoing.


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