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You work hard every day and all that hard-earned value should be yours. Taking out and paying back new loans should be easy. There should be ways for you to minimize, or even negate, the impact and costs of recurring bills. We at Imaginary felt the same way. So we created a system where you can take out zero interest, and even negative interest loans. All through the power of automation and technology.

Imaginary does not offer a new way to invest. Instead, it connects and automates your existing investments to help you retain the value built within those tools. Instead of your assets idling away in your wallet, or worse, selling them, they can be working to fund or resolve your loans and solidify your financial foundation.


We submitted our previous concept pieces in the RoadToWeb3 Hackathon and in HackMoney2022. Our work received the Best DeFi Award from Polygon and other sponsor awards from Yearn, Compound, Polygon, Chainlink, and Covalent.

The first innovation we are bringing to Polygon is our abstracted lending platform, a culmination of our previous work and more. Enabling extremely powerful and flexible financial operations focused on user-value retention. Using this framework, we offer users zero interest loans on nearly all blockchain assets. Equipped with homemade flash resolutions, we can offer self-repaying loans on interest-bearing assets and other select DeFi primitives.’


Imaginary is a distinctive financial platform accompanied by a reconstructed philosophical view of value. Our mission is to become the standard perspective for portfolio value creation and management. We incubate abstractions and innovations in technology in favor of human benefit; enabling greater accessibility and security, and ownership over value for all.

We see the potential reaching as far as the community can push it. The system is designed to accept all forms of assets, adapt to new innovations (ERC models, liquid-staking variations, etc) and payout in a recognizable pegged token: our algorithmic base asset.

Entire DeFi protocols will be onboarded into the framework as new Imaginary modules. Providing users of Imaginary instant access to easily procurable, and flexible loans on that platform’s products and byproducts. Imaginary simplifies the complexity of DeFi loans, expanding a users capabilities instead of complicating their finances.


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Judith: | Telegram @metajudith | Twitter @0xjudith

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“Imagine, it’s easy if you try.” -Frank Costanzo

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