I'm Chaves from Brazil

Basic Introduction:
I’m Chaves, from Brazil!
Started on crypto in 2021 in the middle of the lockdown, and never stopped researching for new opportunities.

Professional Background:
Always worked on offices, but now I’m fully dedicated to crypto.
In the area of researching, I think I can thrive and contribute to others.

Interests in Web3:
I’m always excited about DeFi, NFTs, Gaming and recently, A.I.
The Layer3 model about rewarding loyal users is amazing, would love to see another projects doing the same.

Feature Recommendations:
My friends and me never experienced any issues about transacting/interacting on Polygon PoS.

Current Projects:
I’m open to collaborate to new prospects and sharing ideas.

Learning and Development:
Some things which always made me worried were issues with slippages on DEXes. I noted that the Paymaster feature in blockchains like zkSync are a good way to transact with less errors.

Community Engagement:
I think that having a loyal user (since 2021) contributing alongside smarter people would be useful.
I’m open to participate in any meetings.

Future Aspirations:
I want to stay on crypto and see it changing from manual to automatic (the more A.I., the better).
I’m sure that being a researcher in the future of Web3 will be useful.

Fun Facts:
I play football.

Connect and Collaborate:
You can reach me in networks like Telegram and Discord, my nickname is the same as here