I used Ramp to purchase USDC on Polygon. The purchase went to my Ethereum address. Is it possible to recover those funds on Polygon's end?

I meant to buy USDC on Ethereum. I sent the USDC to 0x283A336ebD3a79CA20379B3284841634C21E2E2E
My Loopring L1 wallet. If there is a chance to recover it, please let me know. Silly mistake, I know. I’m completely new to crypto.

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Hey, hop onto Polygon discord server & post ur queries there…Find discord link on their website… Ull get prompt & proper response…

@Jinniu You can’t reverse any action on the blockchain. But all is not lost. You just need to add the Polygon network to the wallet that you use and then you move the USDC around. Your wallet access the same blockchain address across all compatible blockchains.
Your first mistake was sending just USDC to Ethereum. You need the native token of the blockchain in order to execute transactions. Since you just sent USDC and no Eth, you can’t do anything with that wallet anyway.
Before you continue doing anything on ANY blockchain, you should first learn how blockchains work.
Once you understand what you are doing, then put some money into a cheap to use chain like Polygon and play around.