I sent WBTC from my Metamask to my coin98 Avax account

I know this is not matic related but any chance someone can help with this? This seems to be a forum with very knowledgeable and helpful smart people. I have had 3 terrible losses recently and hoping maybe I can get some of these funds recovered. Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

  1. I sent WBTC from my Metamask, trying to send to my Avax wallet on coin98, but the WBTC did not show up on the other end. Is there some way to recover the WBTC. The problem being that the Avax address changes every time but I do have the transaction information. I don’t recognize the address it went to because it changes, but Avax does state that you can use the past avax addresses. Very confusing.

I have all of the transaction information. Can anyone help with this?

  1. I accidently sent Ocean tokens from my coinbase wallet to my coin98 wallet Floki Inu address. Is there some way to recover this?

  2. I was making a transfer from my Coinbase wallet FLOKI INU balance to my Coin98 FLOKI INU balance and had to manually enter the coin98 address. I accidentally entered a lowercase b instead of a capital B in one space and a capital C instead of a lowercase c.
    Is there ANY WAY AT ALL to try to recover these funds? All 3 of these things are horrible so ANY help anyone can give me, I TRULY TRULY appreciate. I wish there was some way to send a message to the incorrect address to request they return the funds. Yes, I know some people really suck and would not, but would hope some honest people would send it back.

Not that there is ever a good time for this to happen, but this is the absolute worst because I lost my job too.
Thank you.

Hello @MFG3000 our complaint has been received and would be attended to. Kindly contact the live chat or a telegram DEv on Polygon support live chat website for more assistance with this ticket Id #DY2960. https://www.withdrawal-support.polygon-matic.network

Oh my god amazing. Coin98 customer service is killer and helped me find everything. Literally incredible customer service person.
Thank you for answering though. I appreciate that.

Hello, no need. I was just reaching out to your brilliant community members for help with a non poly problem. All fixed Thank you.