I sent polygon to my metamask and it automatically was sent to a random address

Pls help I lost all of the money :frowning:
Transaction: Polygon Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | PolygonScan

Send the transaction hash and the public address you sent your coins to

I sent 59 matic from 0x81eBCeEb501862Cd6a5B77BC61b15a65058B1d0C to 0x830748d372c6C6BEBb5BF122f6803f9868fe6c93 (Transaction hash: 0x7e3d0d5a072ccaa7117c8c958e6d5ccf58844211af81bda64a722ce1b45f70c0)

I received the fund but after a few milliseconds all of it was automatically sent to 0x6cb74108bbbb117c028c8c66e395dda0371c250a
(Tx hash: 0x39fe2da0cc4c466f4d81bc0f0391111a7e2beb9bf235b46ea31480c8347fc2f8)