I mistakenly directly send my usdt (matic mainnet) to binance (bp20) help pls

hi! i have a proble, i sent my usdt via matic mainnet using metamask to binance (bp20) directly. i should used xpollinate first but i knew it late. i can see my transaction through polygon scan but it did not relfect to my binance neither my metamask. is there any chance that i can take it back?
here’s my tans hash : 0xdb7ba3b9e403b10c13bb4293042d1c86531393b32f225dda9e22524d5440af94

You can contact binance, because its a binance wallet. But binance will say, you have to wait till they intigrate usdt on polygon. I did the same with much more money, they said I have to wait several months. There are some others with the same problem since August, though binince has usdt/matic pair, but doesn’t support usdt on polygon.

I’m pretty sure this “live chat” provided by @Karl is a scam @hakdogzxc

Hello. I have a problem, I was withdrawing tokens from 1inch to Binance and made a mistake, sent from Polygon network to ERC20 network. Please help me return the tokens.

Hi. please tell me how to get into this chat?