I can't connect Metamask to my Erigon node.

Hello, I have deployed a node with this documentation

On an AWS EC2. In which I have opened port 8545 for input and for output.

After some problems with the Go version, I was able to start, and I am doing it this way for Mumbai.

ubuntu@ip-172-31-47-135:~/erigon$ ./build/bin/erigon --chain=mumbai --bor.heimdall=https://heimdall-api-testnet.polygon.technology --bor.milestone=true --http=true --http.addr= --http.compression=true --http.vhosts=*

The node seems to start correctly, but I can’t manage to connect via Metamask to that node.
In Metamask I am replacing the RPC URL with my URL.

Any suggestions?


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