Huge NFT SF Summer Party

I am reaching out to Polygon to see if they would be interested in sponsoring a big NFT San Francisco Art Gallery & Blockchain Party. This event will take place at Atlas Cafe in San Francisco on June 2nd 6-9 pm pst. This event should have up to 300-400 people that stem from several groups that revolve around crypto, nft, entrepreneurship, web 3.0, and blockchain.

The groups involved include the SF Blockchain Developers, Tech Girls Social, Bridge Builders DAO, San Francisco Crypto Art Group, Web 3.0 Bay Area, and Web 3.0 Security. You should be able to see that each group has individually posted this on their meetup page and collectively the number of RSVP on Meetup is up to 300 pp.

The event is also listed on eventbrite which has received up to 100 RSVP.

This event is a reoccurring event that happens often at Atlas Cafe and the event’s theme is focused on creating a diverse and united community together. We want to build the bridge in making sure that the many crypto and nft groups are coming together; while celebrating and embracing diversity.

We have several well-known NFT SF artists that will be showcasing diverse or interesting works. This includes the following artists:

Evan Pun
Camille Chiang
And so much more

Ask: We ask for a $5-10 k drink coverage for the event.

For this event, sponsors will be able to showcase your logo and company brand on a slide that will be shown on each 4 screens as they loop art pieces. Sponsors will also be able to have your ambassadors give out promotional material and the DJ will give the company a shoutout as well.

In the past, we have had Harmony One, Stargaze, and so many other companies sponsor this reoccurring big coalition event in SF. We would love to have Polygon sponsor the next one.

Here are the event links:

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Hey @bubblez ,

Appreciate your sincere efforts towards building community in web3 space. I would request you to hop onto polygon main discord server & contact “Polygon Advocates” team. In-real life events are handled by them. There you will get positive & prompt response.

You will have to hurry since you have proposed at the last moment.

Hey, @Derbygold.eth I am on the discord but I don’t see a “Polygon Advocates” section. Could you send me the link or do I just contact the discord admins?

Contact discord admins please…