How to use your own private network for MATIC POS testing

I built a MATIC private network and an ETH private network, how to use POS to bridge

Thank you, but I still have doubts on this, the following operations are all installed in the local network, local clone directly, I start the RPC is a port 9545, is a port 8545, Then I use under simulated pos erc20 operation, an example of the approve and deposit after the success, MetaMask adds token to view balance 0.

I have a question. After simply building the pos-Portal project, do you still need to use Heimdall or other services? Can you describe the process to me? is unable to connect to the MetaMask custom RPC, connect only Matic provids, this page is open source under the excuse me? What is the github address?

Hi @ant8 , can you plz tell me how you create a Matic private network?


Hi @jareddicaprio98 I will suggest you contact matic support, a representative from Matic will further escalate this issue via the live chat support. Just contact matic support right now by clicking on the link or following the example below by using your browser to engage in a live chat conversation with developers from matic to help sort your issue out right away.