How to query Polygon network block information?

Hello, I am trying to develop an explorer for the Polygon network, similar to but where I have synchronized the node and I fetch information from my local blockchain (I am aware that API calls can be made through polygonscan end points).

It will just be a REST API Server built on NodeJS and I wonder how can I get information about the matic blockchain such as:
Get block by hash number, Get block by number, transaction info by hash etc. You get the point.

I am aware of a library called MaticJS to fetch various information about the polygon network but I don’t think it provides detailed enough information. How should I go about querying block information, transaction information etc.?

I apologise if a similiar topic has been discussed already. I tried to go through various resources, the documentation, github but I could not answer my question. Thank you in advance. Cheers!

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Thank you for your reply. The docs state explicitly that this library is for the Ethereum network. Will it work for MATIC/Polygon network precisely?