How to get test ETH on mumbai testnet

Hi folks,

I am trying to get test ETH on mumbai testnet but not able to find, how to get it. Is there a way to bridge ETH from Rinkeby or any other network to mumbai testnet?

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Hi @Sushil_Tripathi , I think you are are looking for this Matic Faucet
link -
select token - matic token (or whichever you want)
select network - mumbai
paste you account address in which you want test matic , then after submit just confirm it.
1 matic will be credited in your account. Repeat the process if you want more.

The faucet isn’t working on firefox or chrome at least.

ya is a spinner, not loading at all.

Help! Need some matic on mumbai to test

Hi @Shrewbi and @Garon that faucet link to get test matic is changed now
link - and now it’s working fine and can get 0.1 matic each time you paste your address.

Hi, I keep trying to get MATIC tokens on the Mumbai testate using the faucet but the transfer keeps failing every time with a Returned error: replacement transaction underpriced. I’ve raised a support ticket but seeing if I can get some support here as well.

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We keep getting Transfer Failed error on Mumbai Faucet:

Transfer Failed
Returned error: replacement transaction underpriced

Please fix. Thanks

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